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General Terms and Conditions

1. Booking

The contract which has to be sent back to  signed by the responsible group leader is the obligatory booking for all who participate in the journey and who stay at St.- Michaels-Heim. The signer of the contract is liable for the commitments towards Johannisches Sozialwerk.e.V. The contract is to be sent back to us within three weeks after receipt. Non-compliance of this appointed period of time relieves Johannisches Sozialwerk e.V. from the previous booking of the group. The booking will be regarded as not taken place and the reserved beds will be assigned otherwise.

2. Withdrawal

Up to twelve weeks before arrival both the group leader and Johannische Dienstleistungen GmbH can withdraw from the contract in writing without specification of reasons. For a punctual notice the arrival of the withdrawal  is determining, not the day of the dispatch. For both sides no costs will result thereby.

If the group leader should call off the booking at a later point in time, Johannische Dienstlesitungen GmbH will charge a failure fee of Euro 18,00 per person, including all pupils and attendants for every single day of the sojourn.

In case of withdrawal the original contract is to be sent back to Johannische Dienstleistungen GmbH. The failure fee covers only the costs caused by the cancelled allocation of the group. We are not obligated to prove any otherwise allocation in the formerly booked rooms.

A change of maximum 20% of  the number of participants can be handled up to four weeks before arrival if arranged in writing with Johannische Diensteleistungen GmbH previously. If the number will change after that we will charge a daily failure fee of Euro 18,00 per person for the whole sojourn. People who do not arrive on the arrival date will be charged completely.

At the latest four weeks before arrival we need a schedule showing the groups composition,  by the pupils number and gender, and the number of their attendants and the bus drivers.

3. Costs for accommodation

We expect 50% of the groups costs for their sojourn at the latest four weeks before arrival. The rest is due on the day of departure. We do not return fees for not consumed meals. The group will be accommodated in rooms with 3-8 beds. We supply bed-linen but no towels.

The prices valid at the time of conclusion apply.

4. Arrival

The rooms are available from

5. Sojourn

The participants are obligated to stick to the house rules. Offences can result in an order to stay away from our house. This entitles us to sending single persons, or in case of severe offences even the whole group, off the perimeter.

Furthermore the group has to pay the whole sojourn in any case.

The group as a whole is liable for any damage caused to the furnishings of our house by single members of the group. We are not obligated to prove who has actually caused the damage.

The group should store their belongings in the apposite luggage lockers in the rooms. We cannot be held responsible for eventual losses or thefts. Members of youth- or pupil -groups shall not be in the house unattended by teachers or supervisors.

6. Departure

On the day of departure the rooms are to be cleared until 9 a.m. Groups who will depart later during the day and that cannot store their luggage in the bus can leave their belongings in our storage room for free.


November 2020